Nicholas Bova Leads Campaign to Help Veterinary Care Specialists with a Shortage of Available Options

Posted on May 4, 2018 By

Compounding medicine in veterinary care is dramatically helping in various niche areas. Bova Compounding has found a resolute answer to an ongoing dilemma in veterinary treatment. No matter where one rests on the spectrum of animal care, there is a shortage. Somewhere and somehow, access to traditional treatment options and medications are restricted in some fashion.

Main Treatment Availability

It’s all-too-common. It is partly avoidable and partly an inevitable step of a lack of perfectly streamlined systems. Sometimes, specialists are restricted due to disbursement and allocation caps, controlling medicine quantities or just requiring fresh production. It is also possible for the medicine to date, and resupplies are, well, in short supply.

It can also have to do with a lack of funds, support, and other practical limitations. Bova Compounding hopes to dramatically alleviate these bottleneck concerns by allowing for alternative options. When the main treatment option is not available, what can veterinary specialists do? The answer, hopes Bova Compounding, is a lot.

Nicholas Bova has helped usher in strong-armed focus on treatment in both mainstream areas of veterinary care and niche fields. The company he helps run has developed compounding medicine solutions in zoo care, rare animal care, pet stores, and farms. It’s part of the ultimate plan to relieve many specialists of the limited care options at their disposal. Compounding medicine is an alternative and customized treatment plan.

Customized Plans of Care

It is also far more flexible. Ideally, specialists could offer customized medication plans and schedules to accommodate specific needs. If the main “standardized” option is unavailable for reasons either fair or not, specialists can still provide treatment. Bova Compounding even suggests that the treatment is superior because it is custom-made to their needs at the patient level. The compounding medicine can be easily adjusted to accommodate small breeds over large breeds, adult dogs over newborns, and other adjusting factors.

Bova’s high-end laboratories craft progressive treatment options in a range of industries. This is where the impact is strongest. These niche industries (farming, zoos, etc) are most vulnerable to availability limitations. If they run out of the main treatment option to care for a tiger or giraffe, they don’t have an easily available alternative. Bova Compounding hopes to change that.

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